Kai Forsyth

About me

Hello, I’m Kai – a product designer, based in Sydney, Australia.

I’m currently at Atlassian working on JIRA, where I’m leading the design of how people track and manage their work from creation through to resolution.

Black and white photograph of Kai sitting in a designer chair working on a laptop

I’ve also worked in Atlassian’s growth team to focus on increasing acquisition, activation and retention for JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket through multivariate experimentation. Informed by customer research, I designed and helped derive lessons from experiments on our sign up, onboarding and second product acquisition funnels. Designing for growth shaped my understanding of how to design features and messaging that can be force multipliers on a business.

Before working on on growth, I was seconded to work on a product vision and strategy project. While on the project, I matured my product design skills to consider what we should build next, and not just how a product should look and feel.

Prior to joining Atlassian, I worked for a number of small agencies where I did website design and development. Before that, I trained as a graphic designer, studying creative arts at the University of Wollongong.