Kai Forsyth


Here are some case studies and work samples of projects that I’ve been involved with. I also occasionally write about my work and share pretty things on Dribbble.

Intercom’s app ecosystem

July 2018 — present

The Intercom App Store

I’m currently working on shaping and delivering a number of design projects on our app store and developer platform to help grow our ecosystem and capabilities, and to support the community of developer’s that build on top of Intercom.

Redesigning issues in Jira

February 2017 — June 2018

The new issue design

After 12 years of serving bug tracking well, the most viewed screen in Jira needed a redesign to improve the scalability and extensibility needs of today’s Jira users. I worked on the new design that would be one of the biggest changes in Jira’s history.

The journey to quantify design in Jira

May 2017 — September 2017

Screenshot of the in-product UMUX-Lite survey prompt

A reflection on the journey that the Jira design team went on to quantify the impact of our design changes at scale and how we could build confidence in the direction of our designs through task-based usability testing.

Integrating Jira with Confluence to drive growth

May 2016 — January 2017

Screenshot of the integration between Jira and Confluence

While designing in Atlassian’s growth team, I worked on a growth experiment to thoughtfully surface Confluence to Jira users at the right time and place that would significantly increase the number of Jira users who started trials of Confluence.

Envisioning Atlassian in the Cloud

November 2015 — February 2016

Still frame from the video that was produced as part of this project

I was involved in designing a company-wide vision of a unified, consistent and integrated future for Atlassian’s portfolio of products in a world of cloud-based software as a service.