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I occasionally write about what work I’ve been doing and share my thoughts on design.

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Say hello to the new Atlassian

 •  1 minute

Yesterday at our Summit conference in San Jose we unveiled our new brand identity system for Atlassian and for our products.

New Atlassian logo

The new Atlassian logo and mark.

The new logo replaces the well-loved (albeit slightly dated) Charlie logo in favour of a modern, human and consistent mark that aligns an updated logo system for our products and our new design language.

Our creative brand and design team did an incredible job at reconciling twelve distinct products and two acquisitions into a unified set that feels part of the same company.

Make sure you read the behind the scenes case study for all of the details and check out the sweet trailer for the rebrand below.

A showreel of the new Atlassian brand identity.

Sketch users meetup September 2017

 •  1 minute

Sketch app iconThere’s a new meetup for users of Sketch that will be holding their very first event on Thursday 28 September 2017 at the Atlassian offices.

Atlassian engineer Tim Pettersen will be giving a talk on our newly announced Sketch plugin for Jira and how to develop plugins for Sketch.

Sketch plugin for Jira screenshots

If you use Sketch and Jira and don’t yet use the plugin, you should check it out and watch Tim’s demo.

As always, they’ll be beers and pizza provided so come down and say hi! Make sure you RSVP on the event page as space is limited.

Sharing Atlassian’s new design language

 •  1 minute

During Atlassian’s first ever European Summit conference in Barcelona, we announced the biggest update to our design language to date. You can learn all about the changes in the Simply Powerful keynote.

Simply Powerful keynote at Atlassian Summit, delivered by the Head of Design, Jürgen Spangl.

This has been a massive effort and a huge achievement for our design team, one that I’m really proud to be a part of.

Illustration of characters building a user interface Our new design language is an exciting step forward in unifying the design of our products and bringing more warm and humanity to our design system through our brand principles.

And I can finally reveal what I’ve been doing over the last few months in Jira. If you skip to 1:19:04, you’ll see a glimpse of the entirely new issue experience that I’ve been working on. Some of the updates include an improved layout optimised for getting your work done, a new content editing experience, comment reactions and an improved attachments experience. And there’s still plenty more to come.

Our new design language has been getting overwhelmingly positive feedback, and it will be exciting to see the team’s hard work make its way into our products in the coming months.