Kai Forsyth

Shipments on the Intercom developer platform

Today was a big day for the Intercom developer platform — we shipped a bunch of features to improve our developer experience, including API versioning, redesigned webhooks and a new design for our OAuth experience. While you not might not immediately expect there to be significant contributions for design to make on projects that sound largely technical in nature, this in fact could not be further from reality.

For API versioning, we had to explore how to best enable developers to discover that new versions are available, learn about what’s changed, and finally, upgrade to the new version. And through versioning our API, we now have the flexibility to iterate and deliver new features and capabilities on our platform, all without breaking our contract with developers — something that I’m incredibly excited about!

As part of this work, I also took the opportunity to redesign our developer OAuth screen. OAuth is a protocol that allows our customers to give permission to third-party developers to access Intercom data.

Before and after designs for the Intercom developer OAuth screen

The old design (left) and the new design (right).

The new design, while visually improved, also makes it clearer to our customers exactly what data could be accessed by a third-party developer (users can click to learn more for each data category). Also when compared to the old design, we saw that the new design had improved the liklihood of a customer authorising access — a win-win!

Be sure to read all about what we shipped on Intercom’s product changes, and you can also check out the technical blog post discussing how we introduced API versioning.