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Progress over perfection at Atlassian Design Week 2017

Design Week is our annual conference at Atlassian where designers, researchers, writers, and developers from all over the world meet in Sydney to learn and create as a team.

This year’s theme was progress over perfection, and we heard over forty talks that tackled everything from how we can make better decisions to how we can better practice mindfulness at work.

Design Week is a great opportunity for us to all get together each year and learn from each other. Most of the talks are curated from designers, researchers and writers inside of Atlassian and it’s so inspiring to hear how your colleagues are solving and approaching problems in their work.

This year, we also welcomed the Trello design team to the Atlassian family, and it was great to hear from how their team has embraced working distributed and remotely.

Check out the video from the week below. I also curated a Twitter moment with some of the best tweets from the team.

This year’s Design Week was held at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Sydney Dribbble meetup June 2016

Dribbble logomark

The next Sydney Dribbble meetup will be held in Atlassian’s beautiful heritage office on Monday 6 June 2016. The event is sponsored by the fine people at Stocksy.

Come down and say hi from 6pm – I’ll be hanging out with a bunch of designers from Atlassian, making sure the beverages are flowing and the pizzas are hot.

The meetup people at Dribbble also gave me a few invites if you’re not already drafted, reach out and I can hook you up (are invites even hard to come by anymore?).

To RSVP and for all the details, check out the event.

Sweating the details at Atlassian Design Week 2016

Every year designers from Atlassian come from around the world to meet in Sydney to learn, inspire and work together as a team.

Unlike other years, where it was mainly product designers, this year people from across the disciplines of design, brand, information experience, front-end development, product management and research came together for Design Week.

It was inspiring to hear from the diversity of perspectives that all of the disciplines shared over the week, and ultimately it’s the culmination of all of these perspectives that makes up the user experience of our products.

This year there was a videographer who came in to capture all of the action, you can watch the highlights below.

Sweat the details was the theme for this year’s Design Week.